Clinical Psychology Master's Program


Applying to the Program

The program admits only 8 students per year (during the fall only), out of a pool usually in the range of 100-150 applicants. As such, the application process is competitive. In line with our Training Philosophy, we very much value unique life experiences, diverse backgrounds, and varied clinical practice experiences when we evaluate applicants to the program. Because incoming students begin clinical training within weeks of starting the program, our program requires that incoming students have at least a year (usually more) of clinical practice experiences (either through volunteer or paid positions) to gain admission into the program. We also require the following upper-division undergraduate coursework to be completed before admission into the program (preferably before applying to the program): Statistics, Theories of Personality, and Abnormal Psychology. Applications are due on February 1. Details are in the department application materials or in the Admission FAQ. You can also write or call the Graduate Secretary, Department of Psychology, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132.Phone: 415-338-2167; Email: