Frequently Asked Questions to Graduate Programs in Psychology

1. How many Graduate Programs in Psychology do you have?

We offer two gradaute programs in Psychology, a M.A. and a M.S., each with three unique concentrations. The M.A. programs include concentrations in Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Mind, Brain, and Behavior. The M.S. programs include Clinical Psychology, School Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

We also offer a School Psychology Pupil Personnel Services Credential Program. The credential is offered jointly through our School Psychology program and the College of Extended Learning.


2. What is the PPS Credential Program? Can I apply?

The PPS Credential Program is the third-year internship program for students who have completed their two-year Graduate Program in School Psychology. Students from outside our own program may also apply to the PPS Credential Program, having already obtained a Graduate Degree in School Psychology or other related field but outside applicants require external evaluation before they can apply. Please email Tina Perdices ( for external evaluation. There is a set list of requirements you must have completed to be admitted, which is listed on the PPS Credential Program Application and their Program page.


3. How many applicants do you accept annually into each program?

Each concentration accepts on average 8 - 12 applicants per year.


4. How many applicants do you get each year?

Between thirty and two-hundred, depending on the concentration. 


5. Can I apply for Spring admission?

None of the programs are currently accepting Spring admissions.


6. What are the tuition rates for resident/non-resident students and other associated costs?

Please view Cashier/Bursar website for current tuition and registration fee information. ( ).


7. Can I hold a job during the program?

It really depends on which program you're applying to and how flexible your job hours are. All of our graduate programs are FULL TIME PROGRAMS. Some students work part-time during the academic year.


8. How many units will I be expected to take per semester?

It ranges between nine and eighteen, depending on the program. Total semester units required for each program are listed below:

  • Clinical - at least 60 total semester units (two-year program)
  • Developmental - at least 30 total semester units (two-year program)
  • Industrial/Organizational - at least 36 total semester units (two-year program)
  • MBB - at least 35 total semester units (two-year program)
  • School - at least 55 total semester units (two-year program)
  • PPS Credential - at least 24 total semester units (one-year program)
  • Social - at least 33 total semester units (two-year program)


9. When do you notify students regarding their admission status?

Application review begins during the second week of March. At the very soonest, applicants will be notified between April 15th and May 1st.


10. I am unsure as to which program I should apply to. Who can advise me in this regard?

Dr. Diane Harris is the Graduate Coordinator. Each program also has a specific Program Coordinator. Their contact information is listed below.


11. I have questions about your Graduate Program in Psychology. Whom should I contact?

For admission, application or prerequisite questions, you should contact the Graduate Services Coordinator, Katie Vogt in EP 301 ( and 415-338-2711. For specific program information, you should contact the appropriate Graduate Concentration Coordinator. Their information is listed below.


12. Can you send me a Course Schedule or University Bulletin?

No. You must request these items from the SF State Bookstore. Contact information is provided below. You can also obtain the Course Schedule and University Bulletin online at


13. Can you send me Financial Aid information or Housing information?

No. For financial aid information, contact the Office of Financial Aid. For housing information, contact Housing & Residential Services (contact information provided below).


14. I was in a graduate program previously. Can my previous units be transferred into your program?

Yes, but only with the approval of the concentration coordinator and no more than 6 units.  Some concentrations do not accept any transfer units.


15. Can I audit any graduate courses to get a feel for the program?

This is up to the individual professor's discretion. You'll have to contact the professor to make sure. We don't usually allow it.


The Application Process


16. What is the Application deadline?

For fall admission, the application deadline is February 1st.


17. How many applications do I need to fill out?

The Califonia State University system has transitioned to a streamlined application system, Cal State Apply, where you can submit both your University and Department required materials. You can find the application at


18. Where can I get the forms required for the Department/Program Materials?

The departmental forms are on our Graduate Programs Application page:


19. Where can I get an Application?

The Graduate Division no longer offers or accepts paper applications. Please apply online at


20. Is there an application fee?

There is a $55 fee for submitting the Cal State Apply Application. There is a $150 fee for new applicants submitting the PPS Credential Program Application. For re-applicants it is $100.


21. When should I submit my Application?

Eveything is due by February 1st. The department encourages you to submit it earlier than the February 1st deadline.


22. Where do I send my Application and all of its related materials?

The Division of Gradaute Studies no longer accepts paper applications. However, you can send your paper official transcripts to Grad Studies. Their contact information is listed below.


23. Can I be accepted by the Psychology Department/Graduate Program if I have been denied admission from the University?

Yes.  In that case you will need to file a petition in order to enroll in the University.


24. Do you accept applicants conditionally?

Yes, generally with completion deadline dates.


25. How can I find out if my application is complete?

You should contact the Graduate Services Coordinator, by phone or e-mail before the February 1st deadline, preferably with ample time to replace something that may/may not be missing. Contact information is listed below.


26. I received notification that my application is incomplete. What gives?

Since the Psychology Department does not send written notification that your application is complete or incomplete, most likely the written notification came from the Division of Graduate Studies regarding your Cal State Apply Application. If you have questions, they should be contacted.


27. I am an International Applicant. Do I need to fill out a special application?

You do not need to fill out a special Application, but you may need to send the Division of Graduate Studies additional documents not included in the Cal State Apply application. Please contact the Division of Graduate Studies or the Office of International Programs (contact information is listed below).




Important Contact Information:


Department of Psychology

San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Avenue, EP 301

San Francisco CA 94132

Tel. (415) 338-2167

Fax (415) 338-2398


The Division of Graduate Studies

San Francisco State University

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San Francisco CA 94132

Tel. (415) 338-2234



Office of International Programs

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Office of Financial Aid

Tel. (415) 338-7000



Bookstore (Catalog/Bulletin Ordering)

Tel. (415) 338-2665


Housing & Residential Services

Tel. (415) 338-1067


For Faculty Office hours, please see current department schedule

Katie Vogt, Graduate Services Coordinator

Tel. (415) 338-2711


Office: EP 301


Dr. David Gard, Clinical Psychology Coordinator

Tel. (415) 338-1440


Office: EP 235


Dr. Jeffrey Cookston, Developmental Psychology Coordinator

Tel. (415) 405-2132

Office: EP 501


Dr. Christian Wright, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Coordinator

Tel. (415) 338-1465


Office: EP 509


Dr. Avi Ben-Zeev, Mind Brain and Behavior Co-Coordinator

Tel. (415) 405-2107


Office: EP 327


Dr. Mark Geisler, Mind Brain and Behavior Co-Coordinator

Tel. (415) 338-6026


Office: EP 325


Dr. Diane Harris, School Psychology Coordinator

Tel. (415) 338-7064


Office: EP 234


Dr. Charlotte Tate, Social Psychology Coordinator

Tel. (415)338-2267


Office: EP 218