Class of 2016


SFSU Graduate Student Research Showcase

Stephanie Aborida

Stephanie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Riverside, graduating in 2012. While she was an undergraduate student, as well as after she graduated, she worked in the Positive Psychology lab at UCR, with the general goal of furthering research on activities that can increase happiness. Currently, Stephanie is still interested in positive psychology and how it can be applied to the work setting in order to increase employee well-being. She currently works in Dr. Eschlemen’s and Dr. Wright’s lab as she is trying to learn more about the different subfields of I/O Psychology. During her free time, Stephanie loves traveling, going to the beach, hiking, doing photography, and playing soccer.

Second Year Internship: AC Transit


Rylan Charlton

Rylan graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2003 with a B.S. in Psychology, and is now a Major in the US Air Force.  He honed his appreciation for psychology research as the Laboratory Resource Manager for the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at the Air Force Academy. Rylan has served as a First Assignment Instructor Pilot (FAIP) in the T-1 Jayhawk, and as an Aircraft Commander and Instructor Pilot in the C-130H Hercules. His appreciation for leadership, organizational culture, and teamwork were cultivated by his Air Force assignments, and made the transition to I/O Psychology an exciting way to hone new skills and knowledge.  His thesis examined value fit between one’s workgroup and the organization, and the effect of such fit on commitment and performance.   After graduation, Rylan will be teaching Psychology at the US Air Force Academy.  Ultimately, he hopes to attain his PhD and practice I/O Psychology with the goal of making organizations more effective.  In his free time, Rylan enjoys backpacking, trail running, and live music with his wife and their mini-black lab mix, Georgia. 

Second Year Internship: Human Resources Intern, Ubisoft San Francisco


Zachary DeRossette

Zach got his B.S. in Entrepreneurial Studies and an Information Technology minor from Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Shortly after graduating, he decided to move to San Francisco for a change of scenery where he worked for an E-commerce start up for five years. During his time there he was exposed to many different areas of business. He found himself naturally gravitate toward the people aspect of business rather than areas such as operations or accounting. He found I/O Psychology to be a perfect overlap with his business background and his interest in Psychology. He is mostly interested in selection, retention, and motivation. He his currently working in Dr. Wright’s lab. When he is not working or going to school he enjoys cooking, snowboarding, and skydiving.

Second Year Internship: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Caitlin Eddy

In December of 2012, Caitlin graduated with a B.A. from the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany) where she majored in Psychology and double minored in Anthropology & Latin American/Caribbean Studies. As fate would have it, she enrolled in an I/O Psychology course out of pure convenience (not intrigue!) for her last semester as an undergraduate. She met a great mentor and was able to join his Occupational Health Lab (Thanks Dr. Ford!). Caitlin decided to apply to programs outside of her New York comfort zone, but she never thought she’d actually get into her dreamy west coast pick. Following her passion for both the I and O aspects, she moved across the country and joined Kevin’s HOP Lab and Wright’s Selection & Retention Lab as a graduate student at SF State. As of late, her research interests include Millennial stereotypes, work values, & career expectations along with recruitment methods & selection practices for private sector companies (e.g., startups). An east coaster at heart, Caitlin plans on continuing to check off items on her west coast travel bucket list for a few years before making the long way home. She hopes to land a career in Human Resources or the like as she cares deeply about both candidate and employee experiences.

Second Year Internship: Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Intern, WalkMe


Julia Hind-Smith

Originally from Marin County, Julia received a B.A. in psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2013. After receiving her B.A., Julia created the first Staff Development position at a privately owned mental health agency in Santa Cruz County.  During her time in this position, she conducted job analyses of all employee positions and developed subsequent orientations and annual trainings.  After spending a year as Staff Developer, Julia knew that she wanted to become formally trained in this topic.  She is currently interested in People Analytics and looking forward to beginning her internship in the fall.

Second Year Internship: Personnel Analyst Intern (Selection and Exams Department), City of Oakland


Jessica Lam

Jessica is a 2014 graduate from San Francisco State with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has worked in Dr. Ryan Howell's Personality and Well-Being Lab conducting social-personnel research, where she investigated the social benefits of displaying costly signals on Facebook. She did her undergraduate thesis with Dr. Kevin Eschleman in the Health and Organizational Psychology Lab investigating the benefits of trait mindfulness in the workplace. She is currently the lab manager in Dr. Kathleen Mosier's Applied Psychology Lab working on a NASA grant studying the effects of asynchronous communication in deep space exploration and exploring automation bias. In Dr. Wright’s Selection and Retention Lab, she is working on her Masters thesis examining if displayed personalities on social networking sites affect employee hireability. Jessica is currently a Technical Junior Recruiter at Symphony Commerce, a CaaS (Commerce as a Service) startup in Silicon Valley. She was initially responsible for hiring for all technical roles, but her responsibilities expanded to hiring for the company’s 17 open positions as the sole recruiter. She conducted job analyses for all open positions, built recruiting infrastructure by creating recruiting workflows, processes and SOPs, developed structured interviews, and was responsible for the candidate pipeline and the candidate’s experience. Jessica loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines. In her downtime she loves to see live music, cook, explore the city and try something new.

Second Year Internship: Technical Junior Recruiter, Symphony Commerce


Jocelyn Lancaster

Jocelyn graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Business and Spanish. Following undergrad, she worked for six years as a project manager for internationally-focused nonprofits while deciding what she wanted to be when she grew up. She finally gave into the voice in her head that nudged her toward I/O Psychology – a combination of her love for psychology research and business world application. She currently works in Dr. Eschleman’s Health and Organizational Psychology Lab and is also pursuing her own research interests of studying culturally diverse work teams in international organizations. A victim of chronic wanderlust, Jocelyn would almost always rather be traveling, but is loving the adventures that the Bay Area has to offer!

Second Year Internship: Learning & Development Specialist, LinkedIn


Kristopher Romero

Kris Romero graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he received a B.A. in 2012 with a double emphasis in Psychology and Sociology. He was recruited by UCSB as a cross country/track and field athlete and although he had yet to even hear about I/O psychology at the time, this is where his initial interests in the field began to develop. After a long history of working with athletic programs, Kris noticed how influential concepts such as motivation, leadership, attitudes, and individual differences amongst athletes were to teams striving to achieve a common goal. Completely fascinated by his observations, he decided to apply to the I/O psychology program at San Francisco State University where he is currently working in both Dr. Kevin Eschleman’s and Dr. Chris Wright’s labs. His primary research interests include selection, job satisfaction, and organizational development. In Kris’ spare time, he enjoys eating food from different cultures, tasting delicious craft beers, running, and anything that involves being outdoors.

Second Year Internship: Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Intern, WalkMe


Alyssa Vu

Alyssa graduated from UC San Diego in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology. As an undergraduate, she was initially interested in clinical psychology and worked as a research assistant for a PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) lab. Her honors thesis focused on attitudes of clinicians and barriers to providing evidence-based PTSD treatment. Through this research project, she developed interests in training, organizational support, employee motivation, and organizational culture, and decided to pursue a Master's in I/O psychology. Now at SF State, Alyssa is working in Dr. Wright's lab, evaluating selection methods and recognition software. She is also working with Dr. Eschleman to develop a work goal measure for her Master's thesis. As an intern in Enterprise Workforce Planning at the SFPUC, Alyssa is currently gaining experience in competency modeling, survey design, and data analysis. In her free time, Alyssa likes baking cookies, hiking, and attempting to play the ukulele.

Second Year Internship: Public Service Trainee, Enterprise Workforce Planning, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


Danielle Wittorp

Danielle earned her Bachelors of Arts in psychology and English at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She spent four years working in Dr. April Bleske-Rechek’s lab, where she researched Schadenfreude, sex differences in work-life balance and family planning, and science literacy among college majors. She also received an international research grant to replicate the lab’s science literacy research at the University of Stirling in Scotland. As the Training Coordinator in the university’s IT department, Danielle stumbled into the field of I/O psychology while redesigning the office’s processes for hiring, training, and motivating students. She is currently working in Dr. Wright’s lab investigating the effects of performance recognition software in the workplace, new one-way video interview technologies, and the characteristics of rivalry in the workplace (her thesis). Danielle is enjoying her work in Enterprise Workforce Planning at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, where she is creating and validating competency models and development resources to support the various professional fields across the organization and designing a custom technology solution to share these resources with staff. When not at work, Danielle might be found on the rugby pitch or at the movies.

Second Year Internship: Personnel Analyst, Enterprise Workforce Planning, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission