The Social Psychology Program faculty and their current research interests are:

Image of David Matsumoto, Ph.D.

David Matsumoto, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 1986)

Theoretical and empirical research is focused on relationship between culture and all aspects of emotion and the role of emotion in intercultural adjustment.

Office: EP 328
Office Hours
Phone: (415) 338-1114
E-mail: dm@sfsu.edu

I am the director of the Culture and Emotion Research Lab.

Recent Publications:
Matsumoto, D., & Hwang, H. C. (2015). The role of contempt in intercultural cooperation. Cross-Cultural Research, 49, 439-460.

Hurley, C. M., Anker, A. E., Frank, M. G., Matsumoto, D. M., & Hwang, H. C. (2014). Background factors predicting accuracy and improvement in micro expression recognition. Motivation and Emotion, 38, 700-714.

Areas of expertise to supervise research
Emotion regulation, intercultural adjustment; facial expressions; microexpressions; gesture; nonverbal behavior; emotion and deception

Zena R. Mello, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 2005)

Racial/ethnic identity formation, socioeconomic status, time perspective theory, measurement, and cross-cultural application, and adolescents.

Office: EP 309
Office Hours

Phone: (415) 338-7557
E-mail: zmello@sfsu.edu


I am the director of the Time Lab.

Recent Publications:
Jaramillo, J.,* Mello, Z. R., Worrell, F. C. (2015). Ethnic identity, stereotype threat, and perceived discrimination among Native American adolescents. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 26, 769-775.

Mello, Z. R., Walker, E. B., Finan, L. J., Stiasny, A., Wiggers, I. C., McBroom, K. A., & Worrell, F. C. (2017). Time perspective, psychological well-being, and risky behavior among runaway adolescents. Applied Developmental Science.


Areas of expertise to supervise research
Racial/ethnic identity, gender, low-income groups, time perspective, and adolescents.

Image of Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D.

Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D. (Columbia University, 2002)

Action production, conscious/unconscious processing, social cognitive neuroscience, self-regulation, language production and use, working memory.

Office: EP 324
Office Hours
Phone: (415) 338-1831
E-mail: morsella@sfsu.edu

I am the director of the Action and Consciousness Lab.

Recent Publications:
Morsella, E., Goodwin, C. A., Krieger, S. C., & Gazzaley, A. (2016). Homing in on consciousness in the nervous system: An action-based synthesis. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 39.

Merrick, C., Farnia, M., Jantz, T. J., Gazzaley, A., & Morsella, E. (2015). External control of the stream of consciousness: Stimulus-based effects on involuntary thought sequences. Consciousness and Cognition, 33, 217-225. 

Areas of expertise to supervise research
Experimental psychology and neuroscience

Gaurav Suri, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 2014)

Decision-making and motivated action, emotion, emotion regulation, psychological inertia, and neural networks.

Office: EP 307
Office Hours
Phone: (415) 405-3477
E-mail: suri@sfsu.edu


I am the director of the Readiness, Activation, and Decision-making Lab.

Recent Publications:
Hansen, S., Kyle, A., Suri, G., & McClelland, J. (in press). Building machines that learn and think like people. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Suri, G., Sheppes, G., & Gross, J. J. (2015). The role of action readiness in motivated behavior. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144, 1105-1113.

Suri, G., & Gross, J. J. (2015). Lauching reapprasisal: It's less common than you think. Emotion, 15, 73-77.

Areas of expertise to supervise research
Decision-making; emotion and emotion regulation; motivation; neural networks. 

Image of Chuck Tate, Ph.D.

Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. (University of Oregon, 2006)

Gender, sexual orientation, and U.S. ethnic identities, attitudes, prejudice and discrimination, forecasting/prediction.

Office: EP 310
Office Hours
Phone: (415) 338-2267
E-mail: ctate2@sfsu.edu

I am the director of the Social Perception, Attitudes, Mental Simulation Lab.

Recent Publications:
Tate, C. U. (2015). On the overuse and misuse of mediation analysis: It may be a matter of timing. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 37, 235-246.

Tate, C. C., Bettergarcia, J. N., & Brent, L. M. (2015). Re-assessing the role of gender-related cognitions for self-esteem: The importance of gender typicality for cisgender adults. Sex Roles, 72, 221-236.

Areas of expertise to supervise research
Social perception; social identity; attitudes; prejudice and discrimination; forecasting/prediction and counterfactuals