Peer Advising

Peer Advising - Junior and Senior Psychology Majors

Peer Advisers are psychology students earning course credit to provide guidance to students new to the Psychology major. 


Prerequiresites for Peer Advisers:

  • Be a junior or senior psychology major.
  • Successfull completion of PSY303.
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Have at least 12 units in the major completed.
  • Be interested in developing academic advising and coaching skills.
  • Be conscientious about keeping appointments.
  • Applications for PSY 680 are reviewed during the course registration session of the prior semester (e.g., submit application in Spring to be a Peer Adviser in the Fall). Applications include a two-step process:

About PSY 680 Peer Advising:

  • You will be enrolled PSY680 Peer Advising for 3 units.
  • An add code for PSY680 is provided after the selection process.
  • Enrollment is determined by the instructor prior to the semester (add codes available 2 weeks prior to the semester). 
  • You will receive training to advise psychology students about the major.
  • You will help create new advising material.
  • You will hold 3 consecutive (e.g., 12PM to 3PM) advising hours per week (to be arranged with instructor approval).

Services Provided by Peer Advisers:

  • Descriptions of their favorite Psychology courses. 
  • Information about the Psychology major. 
  • Guidance when developing a Course Roadmap for the Psychology Major.
  • Information about resources within the Psychology Department.


If you have questions, contact Prof. Kevin Eschleman (

Peer Advising for Spring 2020:

Location: EP 203 (drop-in only)

Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm