Honors Program


Psychology Honors Program

The Psychology Honors Program is an opportunity for students to lead a research project in the field of psychology during their senior year. Students within the Honors Program will be supervised and receive mentorship from Psychology Faculty throughout the entire project. Participation in the Honors Program is through an application process. The Honors Program is strongly recommended for students who will be attending graduate school in Psychology. 

Psychology Honors Program Eligibility

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. A written recommendation and statement of commitment to supervise the honors project by a Psychology Department (or related field) faculty member. In this statement, the faculty supervisor should agree to hold a supervision meeting with the student each week during both semesters of the academic year, and should describe the support that will be provided to the student - such as assistance searching for relevant professional literature, consultation on design, data analysis, and report preparation, and use of a research lab with equipment needed to conduct the project. Part-time Psychology faculty are eligible supervisors, provided that they commit to supervise for the entire academic year.
  2. A GPA of 3.5 or higher in all upper-division coursework.
  3. Senior standing in the University by Fall 2022 (at least 90 units completed).
  4. At least 12 units of upper division psychology coursework completed at SF State by Fall 2022.
  5. Completion of at least one upper-division research methods and/or statistics course with a grade of "B" or better before Fall 2022, or equivalent preparation for independent research. Applicants lacking research methods and/or statistics courses must describe their research preparation in detail.


To apply to the Psychology Honors Program, please fill out the Honors Program Application (PDF) Form. Along with the form and faculty letter of support, you must submit a writing sample, a statement of anticipated research topic, and a transcript. Please submit your writing sample, anticipated research and topic, transcript(s), and faculty member letter of support as email attachments to Dr. Ken Paap at kenp@sfsu.edu by June 3, 2022 at noon. Indicate in the Subject line: Fall 2022 Psychology Honors Application.

Students who are not yet seniors but plan to apply for the Honors Program in their senior year can begin preparing themselves by assisting a faculty member with research. Click for a list of Psychology full-time and part-time faculty.


Psychology Honors Program students enroll in the following classes:


PSY 693 Proseminar I

To be taken during the first semester of the student's senior year. First of a two-semester seminar with the principal goal of developing a detailed senior project proposal.


PSY 697 Senior Project Preparation

Must be taken concurrently with PSY 693 during the first semester of the student's senior year. Students develop an original thesis proposal that includes a thorough literature review and methods section. Students must also submit a protocol to the university's Institutional Review Board for research with human subjects.


PSY 694 Proseminar II

To be taken in the final semester of the student's senior year. Continuation of PSY 693. Intended to facilitate and provide evaluation of progress toward completion of senior project. Completed senior project culminates the semester.


PSY 698 Senior Project in Psychology

Must be taken concurrently with PSY 694 during the final semester of the student's senior year. Student carries out the senior project and prepares a written report for presentation.


If you have questions about the Honors Program please contact the Honors Program Coordinator, Dr. Ken Paap, kenp@sfsu.edu. (If you send email, please put Honors Program Inquiry in the subject line.)