Workplace Technology Research Lab

Led by Dr. Diana Sanchez


Dr. Sanchez is an Assistant Professor in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program in the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University beginning Fall 2017. She received her undergraduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Portland State University. There she worked as a research assistant in the Work and Family Stress research lab with Dr. Leslie Hammer.  She obtained her master’s degree from the University of Baltimore in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and there focused her interested on workplace training and development. She continued her training at Colorado State University where she completed her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. There she worked with advisors Dr. Alyssa Gibbons and Dr. Kurt Kraiger and ran a research lab on technology based training.

Prior to joining the staff at SFSU, her applied experience included years of experience as a human capital consultant in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and several years of experience working in human resource management. Dr. Sanchez has worked both internally for organizations such as John Hopkins University and Home Depot, and externally with consulting agencies such as Personnel Decisions Research Institute (PDRI).

Her research interests have focused on technology innovation and implementation, specifically looking at how organizations can integrate technological solutions to help manage personnel. Her primary research interests includes:

·      Training and development

·      Computer simulations

·      Game-based training

·      Gamification at work

·      Virtual work

·      Virtual teams

·      Online assessment

She also collaborated with other researchers on topics such as automated scoring methods, organizational sustainability, workplace mindfulness and risk taking behaviors at work.

Dr. Sanchez runs a workplace technology research lab where she works with graduate and undergraduate students examining the uses of various forms of technology in the workplace. The primary purpose of this lab is to provide students with information on how to produce high quality research and to understand how technology is used and implemented by organizations. This lab aims to improve the effectiveness of technology innovation and implementation at work.