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Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D.,

Yale University (cognition, problem solving and reasoning, social cognition, gender identity, stereotype threat)

Mark W. Geisler, Ph.D.,

Stony Brook University (cognitive neuropsychology, human psychophysiology, electrophysiological models of perception and information processing)

Ryan Howell, Ph.D.,

University of California, Riverside (positive psychology, personality, human happiness and well-being, quantitative methods)

David Matsumoto, Ph.D.,

University of California, Berkeley (emotion, facial expressions, nonverbal behavior, culture)

Ezequiel Morsella, Ph.D.,

Columbia University (action, conscious/unconscious processing, social cognitive neuroscience, self-regulation, language production and use, working memory)

Ken Paap, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin (Cognitive Neuroscience)


Affiliated Faculty


David Gard, Ph.D.,

University of California, Berkeley (emotion, motivation, psychopathology, pain)

Melissa J. Hagan, Ph.D.,

Arizona State University (developmental psychopathology, childhood adversity and trauma, neurobiological mechanisms) 

Jae H. Paik, Ph.D., 

Indiana University (developmental psychology, early mathematical cognition, language development, cross-cultural cognitive development)

Amy Smith, Ph.D.,

University of California, Santa Cruz; J.D., University of Michigan (legal psychology, social justice, jury deliberations and decision making)