Undergraduate Major Advising

Psychology majors are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising each semester. Faculty can assist in guiding students through their major courses, as well as provide guidance in choosing elective courses for the major.

Maintaining a relationship with faculty can especially be beneficial for students interested in research opportunities. This relationship also comes in handy when needing letters of recommendations for graduate school or employment.

Levels of Advising

We now offer six levels of advising, each addressing a slightly different, but overlapping set of issues. Our office staff is very knowledgeable and can help you find the right sources of advising for you.

Our Website: We use our website to communicate with our majors about all things related to the experience as a psychology major. Here you can find information about deadlines, updates about courses, modifications to the major, and educational opportunities that are available to you as a psychology student. Please visit our website often to access the latest information.

Online Advising Course: Psy 303 is a new one-unit online advising course. This unit is required for students following the "new" major, and optional for students following the "old" major.

Peer Advising: Our Peer Advising Center offers daily hours for general advising about the major and about how to best approach your education. This is a great place to get advice from advanced psychology students who have figured out how to get the most out of their education in our Department at SF State.

General Education Advising: The Student Success Center offers advising on General Education Requirements, University Requirements, Graduation Checks on the DPR, Assistance with Petition and other forms.

Faculty Advising: Our faculty advisers are here to help answer questions about your major, but also to help you explore your options for career directions in the field. Having a discussion with a faculty adviser about what you want to do after you graduate is an important part of making your education work for you and we strongly urge you to seek out this level of advising.

Advising by the Department Chair: If you fall behind on your studies and your GPA requires you to be on academic probation, you will be meeting with the Department Chair for advising. These meetings will help you develop a plan to address the challenges you are facing and help you are facing and help you get back on track.

Of course taking psychology courses is an important part of your education and, as you know, we offer a range of classes in six fields of specialization. In addition, especially in the field of psychology, experiences outside the traditional classroom, such as being a research or teaching assistant or working in the community, can be just as important as your course work in preparing you for a job, career, or graduate school. Within the Psychology Department we offer a wide range of opportunities for you to be involved. Check out the information about our Psychology Honors Program, the Career Opportunities in Research (COR) Program, our field experiences course (Psy 558/559), opportunities at the Children's Campus, the Test Library, our Distinguished Speaker Series, and opportunities for research and teaching assistantships.