Psychology News & Important Dates

Spring Semester 2014

Important Dates

1/27 First Day of Spring 2014 Instruction
1/27 - 2/7 Adding Classes via Permit Number
2/8 - 2/21 Late Adding by Exception
2/7 Last Day to Register as an Auditor ("AU" on Transcripts)  
2/21 Last Day to Add Classes
2/21 Application for Graduation Deadline
3/21 Last Day to Request CR/NC Grading Option
3/24 - 3/29 Spring Recess: No Classes, Offices Open
3/31 Cesar Chavez Day: No Classes; Offices closed
4/25 Last Day to Withdraw From Classes, Student will receive "W" on Transcript
5/16 Last Day of Instruction, Last Day to Withdraw From Class for Serious or Compelling Reasons
5/17- 5/23 Finals Week Spring '14
5/23 Spring '14 Graduate Commencement
5/24 Spring '14 University Commencement
6/2 Spring '14 Semester Ends; Grades Due

Psychology Undergraduate Major Application Period is Now Closed

The Psychology Department is not currently accepting applications for the undergraduate major. Applicants who are admitted into the program officially become Psychology majors in Fall 2014. The application period begins on October 1st, 2013 and closes on December 6th, 2013. No exceptions will be made for students wanting to submit a change of major form after the deadline.

Graduation Applications

Psychology department seniors that will be graduating this semester will need to fill out a copy of the graduation application and first have it reviewed and signed by a faculty advisor. They can then drop off their application at the department office (EP 301) to obtain the Department Chair's signature. Students will receive a call or e-mail once the application is ready to be picked up (usually a two day turn around time). Students should then take their signed application to the Bursar's window at One Stop Student Services, pay the fee, and turn their application in at the Registrar's window. Please have the application into the department office no later than Thursday, February 13, 2014 to ensure the Department Chair's signature. All applications must be turned into the Registrar's office no later than February 21, 2014. Please be sure to fill out the senior exit survey before coming to pick-up your application.

* Important Note: Please be sure to list your classes in the order they appear on the Psychology Major - Effective Fall 2012 (the green sheet). What this means is you will list the Core courses (14 units) first, then your Area 1 courses (6 units), followed by your Area 2 courses (6 units), then your Area 3 courses (6 units), and finally your three Elective courses (9 units). By doing this it helps to streamline the advising process as to ensure applicants for graduation are processed in a timely and accurate manner.

Revised Curriculum for New Major - Fall 2012

The Core has changed now adding PSY 305GW to the requirements: 200, 303, 305, 371, 400 and 690. Students must earn a grade of C or better in all Core courses. CR, must be earned in 303 and 690. Courses 200, 305, 371 and 400 must be taken for a letter grade.

There are now three basic areas in which students must complete six units apiece, for a total of 18 units. Now 9 units must be selected from any of the areas or upper division Psychology electives.

Please refer to the 2012 Bulletin for more information.

*Note. This major will apply to all declared psychology students coming in for the Fall 2012 Semester. Majors that have already been admitted to the major under the 2009 requirements may choose to use the 2009 major requirements or the current requirements. Please see the Psychology Department Office (EP 301) for further information. You can find a copy of the Revised Major 2012 checklist by following Revised Curriculum for New Majors (PDF).

Mandatory Advising

Students that need to fulfill the Mandatory Advising Requirement must complete the following:

  • Discuss your plans and address any questions you might have about the major with your advisor and obtain their signature.
  • Submit signed form to EP 301 for advising clearance.


Psychology Major Program Impaction

The Psychology major is an impacted program, which means there are more students interested in the major than we can accommodate. Therefore, admission to the Psychology major is a selective and competitive process. The Department faculty, in consultation with the University Admissions Office, reviews impaction admissions criteria on an annual basis. Impaction approval was granted by the California State University Chancellor's office beginning in July 2009.

Suspension of the Psychology Minor

The minor is being reviewed for suspension. During this process, we are not accepting any new psychology minors. Students who have already declared the minor may continue their planned course of study.