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Psychology is a broad field of study and practice comprised of several different yet complementary areas of specialization. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is built around a core set of courses in theory and methods plus three broad areas of study: basic psychological processes, individual differences in psychological development, social, cultural, organizational, and community contexts. Several themes of common interest extend across these broad areas including an appreciation for cultural and human diversity, ethics and values, a sense of individual empowerment, historical antecedents, critical thinking and the understanding of self and others.


Laura Jarvis (Class of 2018) defending her Master's Culminating Experience

Undergraduate Student Resources

Information vital to your experience is available on our Undergraduate Students page:

Online Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

The Psychology Online Bachelor's Degree is operated by the College of Professional & Global Education.

The CPaGE Bachelor of Arts in Psychology offers a foundation in the analysis and critical evaluation of psychological literature; the communication of psychological concepts and facts both orally and in writing; and the development of psychological research including design, data analysis, measurement and basic computer operation. Their B.A. degree provides an excellent foundation for work in the community in many fields that involve human relations and behavior. In addition, the undergraduate degree is excellent preparation for graduate school in all fields of psychology, other behavioral and social sciences, as well as for graduate programs in business, law, medicine and many other professional fields.

If you any questions regarding the CPaGE Psychology Online B.A. Program, please reach out to them at psychonline@sfsu.edu

A Message from our Psychology Department Study Abroad Program

Though we all continue to shelter-in-place due to COVID-19, that has not stopped the learning process of our Gators. Our Study Abroad program would like to share the fruits of their labor with you: a Youtube channel featuring tips for self-care, social-emotional resources for young children, and shout-outs to all our essential workers from students like you!

We are starting you all off with their introductory video, but feel free to explore and share their channel with friends and family.

The Psychology Department Office is Open on Mondays to Thursdays.

If you have any questions, please email us at psych@sfsu.edu and we will get back to you.

Current Students

For in-person advising, the best and quickest way to get advising help is to consult with a General Advisor, Peer Advisor, Faculty Advisor, or the Psychology Office. General Advisors at the UAC assist with GE-related needs, Peer Advisors provide major-specific guidance, and Faculty Advisors offer advanced academic and career discussions as well as signatures for approval of academic probation forms, course adds, withdrawals, and other changes to academic records. The Psychology Office is available for administrative support and assists students in navigating various Registrar forms.


Our Peer Advisors and majority of our Faculty Advisors will have in-person and remote advising available. For more information on advising, refer to the Advising Options Page.