Psychology Research Laboratories

Many of the faculty are currently conducting research studies. They often seek new research participants. There may also be opportunities to be a research assistant in one of the laboratories. See the specific faculty member for more information.

Psychology Research Laboratories
Faculty Member Research Laboratory Location
Dr. Ben-Zeev Cognition and Social Equity EP 316
Dr. Cookston Family Interaction Lab EP 501A
Dr. Eschleman Health & Organizational Psychology Lab EP 204
Dr. Gard Motivation & Emotion Lab EP 205
Dr. Geisler Psycho-physiological Lab EP 308
Dr. Hagan Stress, Trauma, and Resilience Lab EP 219
Dr. Harris Childhood Obesity & Eating Disorders Lab EP 218
Dr. Holley Relationships, Emotion, & Health Lab EP 504
Dr. Howell PWB Research Lab EP 207A
Clinic Clinic & test library EP 240
Dr. Karras

A.R.C. Lab

Dr Liu & Dr. Wolf Psychology For the People! Lab  
Dr. Matsumoto Culture & Emotion Lab (CERL) EP 329
Dr. Mello The Time Lab EP 510
Dr. Morsella Action & Consciousness Lab EP 201
Dr. Paap LACE Lab EP 513
Dr. Paik Cognitive Development and Learning Lab EP 209
Dr. Sanchez Workplace Technology Lab EP 507
Dr. Smith Psychology and the Law Lab EP 512A
Dr. Suri Readiness, Activation, and Decision Making Lab EP 203
Dr. Tate SPAMS EP 314
Dr. Wright Employee Research Lab EP 512