Psychology Department Statement on Inclusion

The Psychology Department at SF State values respect, civility, and inclusion

The Psychology Department is committed to providing a multi-cultural academic setting and climate that is respectful, inclusive, civil, and harassment-free for individuals regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, indigenous heritage, immigration status, nationality, physical appearance, political affiliation, race, religion or spirituality (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, social class, socioeconomic status, or other cultural, demographic, and social identification*.

We ask that all members of our department, including undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and guests, treat each other with respect and civility. We strive for this in every aspect of our interactions including, for example, in language (e.g., pronouns), verbal and written communication (e.g., thoughtful and active listening), and behaviors in the virtual or real classroom, research laboratory, as well as in any other setting that holds a department function.

Examples of language or behaviors in the academic setting that are not respectful include but are not limited to:

  • Discriminatory statements that are overt (e.g., hostility) or subtle (e.g., microaggressions)
  • Posting discriminatory materials on campus or campus-related forums (iLearn, Zoom)
  • Behaviors or statements that interfere with the learning of others
  • Marginalizing individuals based on their social or demographic identity, or perceived identity
  •  Inappropriate, unwelcome, or non-consensual comments, behaviors, photography or recording
  • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above

We encourage ACCOUNTABILITY and seeking SUPPORT

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