Undergraduate Major Advising

Psychology majors are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising each semester. Psychology major students should enroll in PSY303 during their first semester in the major. PSY303 will introduce students to the major and the psychology profession. 

We offer several types of advising. The table below will guide you to the advising resource based upon your specific need. If you are still unclear who to contact, our office staff  and Psychology Peer Advisors are very knowledgeable and can help you find the right source of advising for you.

Advising Need 


Advisor Recommendation


General Advisors at the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC)

  • Major Roadmap & Requirements
  • Discuss Favorite Professors and Courses
  • Psychology Opportunities at SFSU


Psychology Peer Advisors during Office Hours 

  • Discuss being a Research / Teaching Assistant
  • Graduation Check for Major Requirements
  • Careers & Graduate Schools in Psychology
  • Academic Probation Hold Clearance
  • Approval of Study Abroad Courses for Major


Psychology Faculty Advisors during Office Hours

  • Requests & Approvals for Forms
  • Transfer Psychology Courses from 4-Year Schools
  • Request Meeting with Department Chair

Psychology Office
Email: psych@sfsu.edu
Location: EP304