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Affiliated Faculty Accepting New Students

Note. Affiliated faculty may serve as Primary Thesis Supervisor and mentor students as they complete the Developmental Psychology Program.

David E. Gard, Ph.D.

David Gard is in the Clinical Concentration. His research focuses on severe psychopathology including schizophrenia and major depression. online.sfsu.edu/dgard/

Melissa Hagan, Ph.D.

Melissa Hagan is in the Clinical Concentration. Her research focuses on early life adversity, post-traumatic stress disorder, early childhood, parenting, chronic stress, and psychophysiology. mjhagan@sfsu.edu

Shasta Ihorn, Ph.D.

Shasta Ihorn is in the School Concentration. She is engaged in applied, community-based research to inform and improve the work that teachers and mental health professionals do with historically underserved groups. sihorn@sfsu.edu

Sarah Holley, Ph.D.

Sarah Holley is in the Clinical Concentration. Her research focuses on Intimate relationship processes, emotional functioning, and mental and physical health. www.rehlabsfsu.com/ sholley@sfsu.edu

Zena R. Mello, Ph.D.

Zena Mello is in the Social Concentration, and her research fosters the well-being of racial/ethnic minority and low-income adolescents. She examines time perspective and perceptions of group membership. 
Web: http://faculty.sfsu.edu/~zmello/home  
Email: zmello@sfsu.edu

Amy Smith, Ph.D.

Amy Smtih's research focuses on legal psychology, legal decision making, effects of incarceration, and social justice. smithae@sfsu.edu

Affiliated Faculty not Accepting Students

Sacha Bunge, Ph.D.

NOTE - Sacha Bunge is the Dean of Faculty Affairs and is not currently supervising students
Sacha Bunge's primary research area is child abuse prevention with a special focus on the application of attachment theory to understanding cycles of abuse. She is currently conducting a longitudinal study that examines the role of attachment relationships in the intergenerational cycle of abuse in a sample of African-American and Latina teenage mothers. She has a joint appointment in developmental and clinical psychology at SFSU. sbunge@sfsu.edu


Patricia H. Miller, Ph.D.

NOTE - Patricia Miller is not currently supervising students

Patricia Miller's research focuses on cognitive development during childhood. More specifically, she studies cognitive strategies, executive function, metacognition, memory, attention, social cognitive development, theory of mind, and gender. Her theoretical interests include theories of development and feminist theories of knowledge. One current topic of interest, the effects of exercise on children's executive function and school achievement, is funded by NIH. phmiller@sfsu.edu